In case it was ever in doubt, Jedward's cheesiness has reached full maturity with a new portrait of the Irish pop twins.

The duo's unforgettable faces have been immortalised in squeezy cheese as part of a stunt by spread cheese maker Primula.


Jedward were among several famous portraits created using the dairy product as part of celebrations for British Cheese Week, which starts on Saturday.

Food artist Faye Halliday created the "un-brie-lievable" collection for shoppers at the N1 Shopping Centre in Islington, London.

They included the cheesy pop twins, "big cheeses" London Mayor Boris Johnson and US President Barack Obama, as well as an image of teen heart-throb Justin Bieber.

Primula marketing director Craig Brooks said the project was "a bit of fun" which put the spread's versatility to the test.

N1 Centre Manager Lynne Glover added it was delighted to host the "unique activity", adding: "It was truly fascinating to watch the cheese artist in action."

British Cheese Week runs until next Sunday (October 2)

Source: Press Association

F*n vad grym bild ändå ! Gjord av ost .. hahha xD

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Vill äta!! =:D

2011-09-27 @ 21:02:49

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